Bioimaging Core Facility, Faculty of Medecine (CMU), University of Geneva

Platform manager: François Prodon, or, Phone: +41 (0) 22 379 52 66. Address: Biomaging Core Facility, Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU), Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva. Rue Michel- Servet 1, CH- 1211 Geneva. Website: Bioimaging Core facility 



The Bioimaging Core Facility of the Medical School of Geneva was created in 2001 to offer a larger panel of techniques in microscopy to internal users (University of Geneva) but also to external users (industry and academics). The goal of the Bioimaging core facility is to help users from experimental design and acquisitions to image processing (treatment and quantification).


Our bioimaging facility hosts state-of-the-art equipment with:


15 imaging systems providing a wide range of applications such as cell membrane visualization, laser microdissection/isolation, colocalization analysis, F-techniques (FRAP, FRET), calcium imaging, multi-dimensional time-lapse recordings, intravital imaging and high throughput imaging. (1 spinning disk confocal microscope (Nipkow), 4 confocal laser scanning microscopes (CLSM), 3 slide scanners and 8 widefield fluorescence microscopes including 1 TIRF evanescent wave microscope, 1 laser microdissector, 1 slide scanner and 1 plate scanner/ImageXpress system)



8 PC workstations for quantitative analysis and image treatments (MetaMorph, Imaris, Amira, Huygens, NIS Nikon, Zen Zeiss, Image J, etc... ).