Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC), University of Bern

Platform manager: Ruth Lyck, ruth.lyck@tki.unibe.ch, Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 4154. Address: Theodor Kocher Institute, University of Bern. Freiestrasse 1. 3012 Bern. Website: Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC)



The Microscopy Imaging Centre (MIC) of the University of Bern is an inter - faculty network for microscopy, involving members from many different institutions within the medical, VetSuisse and natural sciences faculties.



The MIC is the central contact point for high-end microcopy in Life Sciences for the entire University of Bern. It provides and organizes the access to high-end microscopes and coordinates new investments in microscopy.


Operational principle:

•  Local position and maintenance of microscopes: highly specific knowledge on-site

•  Central access coordination to high-end microscopic techniques and consolidation of cutting edge microscopy knowledge.


The MIC provides:
(According to the mandate ("Leistungsauftrag") of the University Board)

•  State-of-the-art supply in high-end microscopy

•  Methodological support in image analysis and sample preparation

•  Usage optimization of available resources

•  Comprehensive teaching modules in cutting edge microscopy (lectures and practicals)

•  Quality assurance through standardization of processes

•  Unifying of microscopy tariffs

•  Public relations intending to position the MIC as the competence center in high-end microscopy

•  Promotion of knowledge exchange within and outside the University of Bern

•  Improvement of the viability research projects with respect to financial application

•  Yearly MIC Symposium with national and international attendance of experts in the field of microscopy