Wyss Center Lightsheet Microscopy Workshop

Web site: https://www.wysscenter.ch/wyss-lightsheet-workshop/



Registration deadline: 1st March 2018

Website: https://www.wysscenter.ch/wyss-lightsheet-workshop/

Abstract submission: wlsm2018@wysscenter.ch

Day 1: 19 March 2018: 09.00 – 17.00
Day 2: 20 March 2018: 09.00 – 15.45


09h00 Registration - coffee and croissants
10h00 Welcome

Morning session I: Sample preparation including clearing techniques and immunolabelling
Chair: Prof. Anthony Holtmaat

10h15 Prof. Nicolas Renier: 3D Histology: combining tissue clearing, immunostaining and automated analysis
ICM – Brain and Spine Institute, Paris
10h45 Selected talk
11h15 Coffee break and networking

Morning session II: New approaches in post-processing
Chair: Prof. Grégoire Courtine

11h30 Dr. Maged Goubran: An automated pipeline for investigating whole-brain and tract-level alterations across resolution scales
Stanford University
12h00 Prof. Giulio Iannello: TeraTools: experiences in developing software for ultra-terabyte image processing
University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome
12h35 Lunch - Poster session

Afternoon session: New imaging technologies
Chair: Prof. Christian Lüscher

14h00 Selected talk
14h30 Selected talk
15h00 Fabian Voigt: The Swiss mesoSPIM - a versatile light-sheet microscope for imaging in cleared tissue
University of Zurich
15h30 Coffee break and networking
16h00 Keynote Lecture - Prof. Raju Tomer: Tools for mapping brain structure and function
Columbia University
16h45 Concluding remarks
17h00-19h00 Demo Virtual Reality – COLM/SPED lightsheet microscope/ MesoSpim Swiss Initiative microscope

09h00 Registration - coffee and croissants
10h00 Welcome
10h15 ZEISS Lightsheet Z1 – Discover the variety of applications!
Jacques Paysan, ZEISS
10h45 Midbrain dopaminergic characterization using Lightsheet microscopy: From idea to reality
Olivier Hagens, EPFL
11h15 Coffee break and networking
11h30 X-ClarityTM: Accelerate your tissue clearing without losing structure or function
Dr. Oliver Bauhofer, Bucher AG
11h45 Arivis Imaging Science: Discover, quantify and share
Tamara Manuelian, Arivis
12h15 Lunch
13h30 Live demonstration of a Lightsheet Z1 workflow with data-visualization by Arivis
Jacques Paysan, ZEISS. Tamara Manuelian, Arivis
15h30 Final remarks
Hands-on sessions for the ZEISS Lightsheet Z1 and Arivis can be booked for the 21 and 22 March
15h30 -17h30 Demo Virtual Reality – COLM/SPED lightsheet microscope/ MesoSpim Swiss Initiative microscope

Date: March 19, 2018 - March 20, 2018

Location: Geneva Switzerland